Hunting of ungulates

"Family of whitetails” - a common view in the Finnish forest! 

When talking about hunting, the first impression people normally get is the hunting of ungulates, as in the food chain they are found from the section ”food”. 

Due to being chased by predators and running for life that has been going on for millions of years, all ungulates are very sensitive to all the changes around them and ready to flee from the slightest reason. 

Hunters often feel that a deer has almost a sixth sense, telling it to move to shelter just when the aim is about to be good. Just the alertness of these game animals makes hunting them so intriguing.

To succeed when hunting ungulates, a hunter has to sharpen their senses, forget about the pressures of modern day and return to their roots being the top predator they were once created. 

In Finland we have four species of ungulates, european moose and whitetail deer being the most common, the roe deer population has increased in some areas over the past 10 years, although lynx keep the numbers reasonably low, the rarest and most majestic is the Wild forest reindeer.