Hunting in Poland

Many of our Finnish clients travel with us to Poland every year and we have built very strong relationships with the local outfitters and know the best areas to hunt local game species. 

Every spring large group of hunters head to Polish field areas to hunt the roebuck, On the best areas the numbers can be very high and during 3 huntingdays we expect every hunter to shoot not less than 3 bucks. Other season for the roebuck is during the rut season in early august, then the bucks are moving a lot after the does and can be called with a special whistle.

September is the season for the Red-deer staghunting. Red-deer population is very high in Poland and when area is well selected one can expect to shoot excellent trophys! The rut itself is a truly dramatic display in the nature and can be recommended for any hunter to experience.

From october to december is the drivenhunting season when big parties of hunters go after the wildboar. In Poland the drivenhunting is much more fast paced than in other European countries and during the day you can expect to have close to 10 drives from wich you can shoot, red-deer, wildboar, roedeer and fallowdeer.

All year round you can hunt mouflon rams in some selected areas.